Canco Success Stories

BeiJing HaiDian Restaurant

Circle Chandelier Lights Project  located in Haidian district, Beijing City, China.

It is a restaurant in shopping mall, whole project reach 2000 square meters, we use Halo series CC6068 to help the owner finish their design, Arc shape led circular light with height 68mm, width 120mm, use sketch fabric to avoid any light leak.

For all lighting in this restaurant, we use Tridonic DALI driver and Osram 2835 led chip with PCB to make all lighting work perfect, they can control lighting by PC or by APP, each to work with.

Project finish in May 20th, 2020, after Corona virus days in China.

Children's Center, Sydney, Australia

Project Round Circle Light located in Sydney city, Australia.

Canco Lighting always help our customers finish projects all over the world, like this project in Australia, it is a Children playground in Sydney, we help our customers finish lighting design and supply led circular light and led linear light.

Use 25pcs Halo series CC6068-600mm and CC6068-1200mm led circular light, CRI 90, build in Lifud brand driver, black powder coated finished, good finish.

Use 10pcs Dash series CP6068-1200mm led linear light, CRI 90, build in Meanwell driver, black powder coated finished with aluminum die casting end cap.

This project finished in Dec 10th, 2019, which get high appreciated by owner, they say more projects will be application in year 2020, let’s wait together.

Office, Barcelona, Spain

Project Circular Ring Chandelier located in Barcelona city, Spain.

If a working office full with elegant circular lighting, will you work happier? This working office in Barcelona it is the one which make employee feel comfortable, about 800 square meters space, lighting with Halo series CC6068 led circular light and CP6080 led linear light.

We start this project from July of 2019 and finish install on August, it is just on-off by switch, no dimmable function, before design, we also consider use turntable led to change led CCT, which can change CCT during different working time, but the owner prefer to use 5000K led chip to make office more brighter, so we support them with Circle Chandelier Lights.

Welcome to contact Canco Lighting to help you finish your lighting design or re-decorative your office, home, we are always on the way.

Restaurant, Melbourne, Australia

Project Round Circle Light located in Melbourne city, Australia. Project finished on Nov of year 2019.

When we receive led lighting request from customer, we already know we are the right manufacturer of this led linear light, since they request polished brass golden finished, it is really no easy to produce, but we work it out.

It is a small dining room in a shopping mall in Melbourne, L shape led light with Radius 300mm, we finished the light surface with electrical plating technology, looks very good quality, not powder coated finished.

We also supply some led down light for this project, cutout 75mm, angle 36 degree, CRI90, the owner are happy with these Round Circle Light lighting quality and lead time.Round Circle Light

Johnson & Johnson Office, BeiJing

Project located in Beijing city, China about Circle Chandelier Lights. Project finished on Oct of year 2019.

When we talking about led circular light, do you think only round shape, actually we also can produce oval led circular light, see this lighting we produce for Johnson & Johnson office in Beijing.

When we talk with designer if we can supply round one, they insist to use oval shape led circular light, ok, that is our first test on oval shape, we use our bended machine and bend aluminum profile correctly, finish powder coating and install LED PCB, and that is the beautiful led oval lighting you can see in photo.

We welcome different project requirement of Round Circle Light to help designer realize their idea, let’s work together on different Circle Chandelier Lights projects.

Tencent Reception Desk, Shenzhen, China

Project located in Shenzhen City, China. Project finished on Sep of year 2019.

Tencent group is a great company in China, they create lots of chatting tools which well acceptable, like wechat, QQ. In their Shenzhen headquarters, one of their office choose Canco Halo series CC6068-1200mm, if use only led down light, looks simple, so add with our circular led light, make front desk more modern and elegant.

We also supply lots of led strip light and led linear light for tencent from year 2016 to 2020, these goods all with 5 years warranty and get good reputation during application, they also plan to buy led down light from Canco Lighting in year 2020, let’s wait together.

Most led lighting from Canco already have UL, ETL and CE, quality you can trust.

Coffee House, California, United States

Project located in California, US. Project finished on Oct of year 2019.

Normally people use vintage led filament bulbs to decorative coffee shops, we agree. Some people they don’t use, like our project finished in California, they prefer to use LED circular light, see photos, 2pcs CC6068-800mm and 1pcs CC6068-1200mm led round light, also make this coffee shop looks nice.

It work with 0-10V Meanwell driver, so customer and dim these lighting as they wish, if this light can be change CCT from 2700K to 6500K, that will be much more prefect.

As you can see, it is white powder coated finished, RAL 9006, with CRI 90, we like it.

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