Plug In WW S14+E12 String Lights

LED String Lights Outdoor, Outdoor LED String Lights, Plug IN WW S14+E12 String Lights, Different countries plug available, US type, UK type, EU type, AU type.

LED String Lights Outdoor, Plug In warm white S14+E12 String Lights; We supply a standard length of 48FT-15 bulbs, if you need 24ft-7 bulbs, or other specifications, welcome to contact us, we can customize cable length and bulb quantity for you.

These LED String Lights Outdoor are suitable for patio, backyard, Garden, Balcony, and Camping areas, comprehensive light color output, the best choice for your home and parties.

LED String Lights Outdoor Features & Benefits:

  1. Single light color version, warm white 3000K, white 6500K
  2. Unique lamp base design, E12 lamp holder with S14 housing
  3. Multifaced mirror bulb design
  4. Supply with flexible cable and plug
  5. 30000 Hours Lifespan, 2 Years Warranty

LED String Lights Outdoor Parameters:

Item No.: P-RWW-S14-E12-48FT-15
Product Name: Plug In WW S14+E12 String Lights
Bulb Qty: 15pcs S14+E12 LED Bulbs+1 Spare Bulb
Bulb Light Output: Warm White 3000K, White 6500K
Linkable: Ability To Extend the length, Max.Connect 3*48ft String Lights
Input: AC100-240V
Output: AC100-240V
Cable Spec: US Standard: 2*18/20AWG; EU Standard: 2*0.75/0.5mm2

This set of LED String Lights Outdoor consists of a plug, a control box, a cable with lamp holders, and bulbs, bulbs should be supplied by us, can not use common bulbs outside.

LED String Lights Outdoor

LED String Lights Outdoor

LED String Lights Outdoor, due to its security, easy installation, easy storage, less cost, and eco-friendly, become more and more popular in the world.

About Lecor Lighting

Fourteen years ago, a group of us banded together, with the bright idea to bring top quality and new design Hanging String Lights to the market. All Hanging Outdoor Lights products reflect the core of modularity, convenience, and affordability.

Lecor lighting is a tech-style luminaire firm that focuses on innovation, the innovation is based on our deep research on the Hanging Outdoor Lights market, we know what you need for your backyard, patio, or garden.

Our key products are string lights, plug-in versions, solar-powered versions, and battery-operated versions, we would like to be your long-term partner after detailed communication.

Innovation technology, Comprehensive datasheet support, and support customization are our key advantage.

You can visit the Lecor Homepage to know more about us.

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Item No.

P-WW-S14+E12 String Lights

Product Name

Plug In WW S14+E12 String Lights



Bulb Quantity

15pcs S14+E12 Bulbs+1 Spare Bulb

Bulb Color Output

Warm White 3000K, White 6500K



Cable Specification

EU Standard: 2*0.5mm2, US Standard: 2*20AWG


Max Connect 3*48FT String Lights


Support Customize Cable Length And Bulbs Qty

IP Protection

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