how to choose solar lights

How to Choose Solar Lights?

Solar light is a good choice for families which has a yard or stay in the countryside, if you would like to light up your pathway but don’t wish to prepare too much work on connecting electricity, then a solar light is the best option for you.

How to choose solar lights?

The author has 15 years’ experience with solar lights, as a designer and manufacturer, we would like to explain how to choose solar lights for your home.

how to choose solar lights?

For example, if you want to buy a solar flood light on amazon, what parameter do you need to verify:

1. Product type: Since you will use it for your home, so choose a nice design which you like, pay less money and choose an ugly version is not a good idea.

2. Battery capacity: The first key factor to decide how bright a solar flood light work from dust to dawn is the battery capacity, normally factories will mark like “3.2V 30AH”, which is equal to 96WH, it will be better for a mark like “3.2V 20AH”.  Please noted the battery capacity is the power bank of solar floodlights.

3. Solar Panel: We would like to let you know in the solar panel field, the solar panel has polycrystalline silicon and Monocrystalline Silicon, Monocrystalline silicon has higher sun light transform efficiency than polycrystalline silicon, so if can choose monocrystalline silicon will be better.   

There are also have many types of solar panels, such as A+ solar panel, A solar panel, B+ solar panel, but the buyer cannot verify the quality of solar panel wattage, it has to be tested by a professional machine in the factory.

4. IP Protection: Since a solar light will be used outdoor, a good IP protection solar light must be reached IP65, IP66, or IP67.

5. LED Chip Quantity: Some end buyers, especially people who are not in the lighting business, may think the more led chip quantity, the brighter of the solar light, it is totally wrong, led chip quantity is nothing to do with the luminous flux in solar lights, the system output all depended by the build-in battery and solar panel.

6. Luminous Flux: A steady luminous flux output is a well-known knowledge in the 110-250V connected led lighting field, but it can not be used in solar lights. The controller in the solar lights, will calculate remain battery capacity before they work, at the first 10 minutes they work, the battery will supply 100% electricity to light on these solar lights, in the next 1 hour, only 80% of output working, in next 2-4 hours, only 60% output working, at the morning time 3-6 am, only 10% working to save electricity and prepare for the next night-time working.

7. Material: Due to the bad competition environment, solar light price is going down day by day, so some of the factories use ABS material instead of die-casting aluminum material to save production costs. In my view, ABS’s body is easy to age in 5 years, but die-casting aluminum will last for many years, so the die-casting aluminum body will be a good choice.

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Questions like below, you can find answer in this article.

How to choose solar lights?

How do choose solar lights?

How to choose solar flood lights?

How to choose solar street lights?

How to choose solar garden lights?

The above 7 points are a simple way to help you choose a good quality solar light, Canco lighting has a full experience to help people to verify the quality of solar lights, welcome to contact us if any questions.

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