RGBWW String Lights Solution

Lecor Lighting specializes in Outdoor String Lights design and manufacturing since the year 2008, with practical and artistic string lighting solutions to help people create a better home.  Lecor has its own R&D lighting specialists continually pushing the boundaries of design and efficiency for string lights.  With smart string lighting as our goal, we work to reduce glare, optimize light output, render the purest colors, and ensure efficiency within our products so that in turn, using and depending on our lighting and design is easy and carefree for the products’ lifetime.

String Lights for Your Amazing Outdoor Space

When you would like to decorate your backyard, string lights are your best choice, they can create a warm and romantic environment for your patio, backyard, or garden, and you will feel relaxed stay here at night.

Decorate Your Patio with Outdoor String Lights

12V/5V Low Voltage, Safety Use

Compared with the traditional high voltage of 36V, Lecor string lights use a low voltage of 12V/5V (without any risk to life) to provide energy, so you don't have to worry about being accidentally electrocuted to your children or family members.

Industrial Grade Cord Material

In order to achieve a more comprehensive protection, we use engineering grade wire to ensure that the copper wire in the lamp string will not be exposed and lead to the risk of leakage, not only to extend the life of the product, but also to reduce the damage from animal bite.

High performance, Weather performance

Due to the combination of commercial wire and thick shell plastic bulb, the waterproof level of the outdoor string lights has reached IP65, can withstand the wind, rain, snow and exposure, you do not have to worry about the product will stop working because of weather reasons.



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